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UK health club market reports & facts

Did you know that health club market reports are a great way to find out more abotu the state of the leisure industry. The health club market is one of more than 6,000 health clubs, gyms and fitness centres across the UK. There's also more than 10 leading health club chains that offer everything from spas and weight rooms to cardio theatre and pilates. But why are there so many UK health club operators?

Mintel & AMA carry out regular research into the UK health club market and their market research reports bring some amazing figures to light about the state of the current market and the latest challenges as we head towards the end of the first decade in the 21st Century. For instance:

  • the private health club market in 2006/7 was estimated to be worth over £3.5 billion

  • The forecast was growth of 4-5% per annum over the 2007-10 period

  • 11% of adults claim to use a private health and fitness club. These members are typically young, affluent and single

  • However, as many people claim to be lapsed members of health and fitness clubs as current members

What about the future of the UK health club market?

Research shows that 50% more people would like to use a health and fitness club than use one right now. This eagerness is not just in the 15-34 age range but the 'cash rich' over 55's. Whilst cost will always be an issue (40% of private club users believe their membership is too high), more and more clubs are coming round to the idea of a monthly membership with no ties and no joining fees. This will undoubtedly lead to an increase in those searching for new clubs that offer greater value.

One of the best things to come out of the recent attention to factors such as overall lifestyle envirnoment, cost, offer and location, is the choice that UK consumers now have. With over 6,000 health clubs across the UK there is something for everyone.

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